Region orchestra auditions


Photo by Mella Music

Xavier Martinez, Co-Editor, Graphic Designer

Mr. Woodard and the students are excited to finally start the 2021-2022 school year with the first big Orchestra event, Region Auditions. Since May of last school year the students have been preparing to audition for the Region Orchestra September 25, 2021.

“I have several students participating in the TMEA Region Orchestra auditions this year. The required musical etudes prepared by the students present many challenges for students to overcome,” said Mr. Woodard.

“The music is considerably more difficult than the music that they are used to playing in class. With the level of difficulty, students have to approach their music differently by learning new skills such as advanced shifting, alternate clef reading, faster finger dexterity, greater bow control, and many other skills.”

Wish good luck to these students who are auditioning for orchestra: Amelie Castellno Zovko, Carter Despain, Logan Durham, Charles Garcia, Lillian Garcia, Halle Gold, Alissa Gonzalez, Xavier Martinez, and Eli Woods.