PHS March Staff of the Month


Esther Anisi, Staff Writer

The March Staff of the Month is Mr. Justin Levy, science teacher and speech/debate teacher and UIL Coach.

Mr. Levy: 

1. Is this your first time receiving this?

Yes, this is my first time.

2. How do you feel after receiving this?

I feel very excited, appreciated.

3. Were you expecting it or did it come as a surprise?

Well, I won’t say I was expecting it. I had hoped for it but I still said to myself that if it’s not this month then it’s never, because of all the activities I engaged in this past month, but nevertheless I am glad.

4. Are there times that it seems like things don’t go the way you planned it to in teaching or competition?

Yes, there are times when some people make it difficult for me but not often. I didn’t come here to be a parent but to be the teacher and that means I won’t force you to do your work, you should know what to do.

5. What motivates you in teaching?

Firstly, I am competitive in everything I do. In high school I would always engage in activities like debate, I guess that’s why. I take pride in all our achievements gotten from all our competitions, I and the team) and I make sure all the team players keep their medal but I keep the team certificate.

6. How many awards has the team won?

Well, I would say seven and counting.

7. Are you happy teaching at Porter High School.

Yes, I love teaching here.

8. If you could choose between this school and a previous school you taught at would you go back?

Well, all schools have areas that need help so I won’t be able to say no or yes.

9. Lastly, are you going to be the part of the help we need?

Yes, definitely.