PHS orchestra performs spring concert in preparation for UIL


Hannah Hollier, Staff Writer

Our Spartan Orchestra did an amazing job at their concert Tuesday, March 1st. Each Orchestra performed the songs that they have and will use for their UIL competition. Concert Orchestra performed Westminster Prelude and Fugue, Scarborough Fair, and Out of the Winter. Symphonic Orchestra performed Belvedere Suite, English Folk Song, and Ocean Storm. Chamber Orchestra played Short Overture for Strings, Maid in bedlam, and The Bird.

Our Orchestra is undoubtedly prepared for UIL and is ready to take on the competition!

“I feel like Mr. Woodard has really helped push us and prepared us greatly for this UIL season.” Sophomore Chamber Orchestra member, Kaylee Brown, said. “I would like to think that we are pretty much ready because in my opinion, we have one of the best directors ever and I’m really excited to see how it goes.”

Though the students are very excited for UIL, nothing matches their excitement for their upcoming trip this summer.

“I am very excited!” Sophomore Concert Orchestra member, Biana Gonzalez said. “Not only for trip but for our performance we will do there.”