Korean Club: Korean language and culture at PHS


Jackie Hernandez, Editor

The Korean club is a club where members can learn more about the Korean language and entertainment culture. Club meetings are held twice a week, Monday and Wednesday, from 4:15 – 5 pm in Ms. Brandie Minchew’s room (B107). There is no application, sign-up, or process needed in order to join.

“It is a good experience for anyone that wants to learn the culture and wants to know anything else about the culture. I enjoy how everyone is connected with each other,” said Selina Rivas, Korean club vice president.

Students who are interested in either learning the language or the entertainment culture can come Mondays and join the group in watching videos, listening to music, and discussing the Korean culture. Wednesday meetings the club discusses business or plans future events like a club picnic. For right now the club has no events planned but they do hope later on in the year to be able to do a K-pop dance in the school’s pep rally.

Students in the Korean club will be taught how to read hangul and students will start to practice using the language by doing activities, exercises, and learn how to introduce themselves in hangul. Podcasts like “talk to me in Korean” will also be used to help students learn the language.

“I feel like it is fun and is helping me grow in the Korean language,” said Kaylee Brown.

On the Korean entertainment culture days in the Korean club, it is student lead. They listen to K-pop, watch K-dramas, and talk about Korean celebrities.

Not only does the Korean club offer to learn about the language and entertainment culture but also to form friendships.

“It contributes to the friendly culture of our school. It’s a shared interest for kids who maybe aren’t into sports or in other things. They can come and they can listen to K-pop and they can dance or just sit and enjoy the atmosphere because we try to create a friendly atmosphere and they can just come and feel comfortable even if there are just listening,” said Ms. Minchew.

The club allows students to interact with other students who have similar interests. This allows students to feel like they belong.

“I just like knowing that there are people who listen to the same genre as me,” said Kaisy Gonzales.

The club welcomes anyone who is interested in Korean culture. If you are interested stop by class B107 or contact Ms. Minchew at [email protected].

Charles GarcĂ­a and Kaylee Brown practicing basic Korean conversation