January Teacher of the Month


Noah Mabry, Staff Writer

January’s teacher of the month is Dr. Jimmy Nowell, the band director of the Porter High School Spartan Marching Band.

Q: How did you feel when you got teacher of the month?

A: I was a little embarrassed because I’m not used to getting recognized just for me. I always get excited because our whole band gets recognized. And that involves all the students, the staff, and the parents because it takes all of us to make that happen. It’s not just about Dr. J. I was a little embarrassed and also very honored obviously to be recognized. That was really nice to get recognition from your peers and from your students on a job well done.

Q: What is your goal when teaching students?

A: It depends on what I’m trying to teach them at the time. Whatever it is, I’m hoping that whatever I’m teaching them is something that stays with them after they’re gone from here. Being responsible, being able and mature enough to handle projects on their own, enjoy what they’re doing, to be understanding of the people they work with as much as possible. But I guess the biggest thing is to get them to understand that what they do, whether it’s positive or negative, affects other people.

Q: How do you think teaching has benefitted you?

A: I think teaching has made me a lot better person, and the older I’ve gotten as a teacher, the more I realize the importance of having good relationships with the kids that work with you and keeping it so that they know that you care about them while at the same time understanding the responsibility they have to the team and to themselves. That puts me in the same boat as the kids. It gives me an understanding of how important what I do is for other people and that I need to do the very best I can because if I don’t it affects the way other people’s lives turn out.

Dr. Nowell celebrating teacher of the month with some of his band students