Fall Band Schedule


Zoe Barnhart, Former Writer

As with many extracurriculars this year, the Porter Spartan Marching Band has undergone many changes for the fall. In normal school years, the band would have had summer practice, full attendance at all football games, multiple Saturday competitions, and a final UIL competition. Although a marching season is happening, not all events will be normal due to COVID-19.

“[The changes] initially felt like a blow for me since it’s my senior year and first year as a drum major,” Drum Major Madison Carter said.

Two band groups will attend all home games and the remaining away games in rotation where the home school districts allow visiting student organizations. Each group will perform a show for the game they attend as well as play stand tunes for the fans.

“We are taking into consideration all of our people’s health,” junior Deanna Harvey said. All competitions have been cancelled for the foreseeable future except for the UIL contest November 14. More details to follow. “It’s kind of disappointing,” sophomore Brandon Kusaj said.

Although different, the band season is not cancelled for this year. Every student and director is working hard to keep it going, and hopefully everything will be back to normal come State next year.

“I’m looking forward to finally having a marching season again and getting to compete at UIL Region, although this year looks different,” Drum Major Graydon Harrison said.