December Staff Member of the Month


Jackie Hernandez, Editor

Please join us in congratulating Mrs. Sheila Bridges for being PHS Staff of the Month for December! Mrs. Bridges has a HUGE servant’s heart and is always willing to help anyone out and your smile is contagious.  Thank you for all you do Mrs. Bridges!!!

Staff Q & A:

Staff: How long have you been staff at PHS?

Ms. Bridges: So we’ve been open for 12 years in 2022 so its been 12 years.

Staff: How do you feel about being awarded the staff of the month?

Ms. Bridges: I feel like it’s an honor and it a privilege to be chosen it says that I’m doing a good job.

Staff: What does being staff of the month mean to you?

Ms. Bridges: It means to me that others think that I am doing my job  and that I’m able to.  They have mentioned that I was very helpful and I feel like those are my intentions was to help others.

Staff: What makes you want to do what you do?

Ms. Bridges: I feel like God has placed me in the position that I am in to be able to encourage students and help them in whatever journey they have. I feel like he placed me here to be like a light to those that might not have a light in their life.

Staff: What do you enjoy being a staff at PHS?

Ms. Bridges: I enjoy the people and we have a great staff. There are some that have been here as long as I have; the friendships that I have made that is what I enjoy and the kids being around, the students.



Ms. Newcomb awards Ms. Bridges with the December Staff of the Month award.