Cinderella Project helps students prepare for prom


Jackie Hernandez, Editor

Criminal Justice has started their annual Cinderella project that allows students to donate prom dresses, shoes, and accessories. Students who donate dresses, shoes, and other items can earn community service hours and help out a fellow senior student in need.

¨We (Criminal Justice) like giving back to the community and we do it in various different ways. We’ve done the Cinderella Project in the past and it has been very successful, so we decided to keep going,” said Jenna Lussier, Cinderella project’s sponsor.

All of the donations that are turned in are then distributed to students who are unable to purchase a prom dress, shoes, or accessories. This allows these students to attend prom without having to worry about not having enough money to buy a dress. 

¨I think it is great for the low-income students, they shouldn’t be worried about what they are going to wear on such an important night they are going to remember forever,” said senior, Jennifer Galarza.

Without having to worry about spending too much money on a dress, students may enjoy their senior prom experience.

¨So, students who would be able to buy a prom dress because they are so expensive, they would choose not to go to prom rather than spend their money to go to prom. It allows them to have that experience in prom and the ultimate senior year,¨ said Ms. Lussier.