Choir students advance to region auditions


Jackie Hernandez, Editor

On Saturday the 18th,  30 choir students auditioned in the choir district audition at Westfield high school. Out of those 30 students, 17 made the audition and will be moving on to audition for the Region Choir.

“District Audition was an opportunity for students to showcase their musicianship in an individual format. They competed on three different songs that students from all the region learned and many of them did really well,” said Mr. Greg Goedecke, assistant choir director.

During the auditions, students sang with other high school choir students from all of the Houston area. Mrs. Caroline Cavenaugh-Woodard, head choir director, said the students were excited to be singing with other students in the greater Houston area.

 Auditioning for district choir allows students to show their singing talent and have the opportunity to sing in the region choir and also possibly make it into Texas State Choir. Choir students enjoy trying out and competing against other students and for the chance to sing with students from all over Texas.

“I auditioned because like to challenge myself, I love competition in general. It just means that I could become better at something I enjoy,” said choir member River Dowdy.

Many of the choir students who audition believe that they have gained something form this experience.

“I auditioned to see if I could sing the songs and to boost my confidence and to be more confident in my self and my singing,” said choir member Nahomy Bautista. “It means that I tried my best to get better at something I am passionate about and what I like doing.”

On November 2 choir students who passed this round of district choir will audition for the region choir at Spring high school, which consists of top choir students of the grater Houston area. If they pass this audition the students will be in three different choirs; mixed choir, treble choir, and tenor-base choir.

“They gain experience being able to sing in front of people but mostly what I think they gain from it is persevering through their nerves, ” said Mrs. Cavenaugh-Woodard.  “Singing is a very vulnerable thing and the more they practice being vulnerable and toughing through those moments, it really shows their dedication and bravery.”

Although auditioning was a challenge for many choir students, many had fought against their nerves and fun during the process of auditioning.

“It was kind of a challenge for myself and just seeing the progress I can make through the process. I wanted to throw myself out there and this is my first year in choir and so I just wanted to force myself,” said Parker Warren. “I think it was really fun just being with everyone like with all my friends waiting. I think I learned a lot in vocalizing by spending the time to learn the music and kind of putting myself in an uncomfortable situation. Doing this made me learn a lot more with my voice than if I just kept to my self.”

The Choir directors are ‘super-duper’ proud of the choir students who auditioned and also the ones who passed the District choir audition.

Photo by PHS Choir