2021-2022 yearbook out soon; extra copies available for purchase

2021-2022 yearbook out soon; extra copies available for purchase

Noah Mabry, Staff Writer

Porter High School’s new yearbook is coming soon! Yearbook pre-sales have closed and there is no waiting list.  They will have yearbooks available at a first come, first serve basis when they arrive mid-May for students and staff to purchase.

“My students are working harder than ever now,” said yearbook teacher Ms. Gina Monteleone.

Third year yearbook staff member Kori Wilkinson yearbook said that being on the yearbook has been something that has given her so many opportunities to meet people she would have never crossed paths with. She is excited for students and staff to purchase the 21-22 yearbook and for people to see all the hard work that the staff has put in it.

“I believe if students have the ability to purchase a yearbook this year they definitely should. We have done nothing but work for the past few months and this years design is one we have definitely never seen before,” said Wilkinson.

Pre-Sales for yearbooks are over, and they will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis. For students, the price will be $80, and for Staff, they will be $75.

Monteleone said when they have a date for yearbook pick up, they will send it out via announcements, social media and Remind. The cost for students will be $80. Staff will be $75. Cash or check only.

“Our goal is to capture all of the students at Porter High School,” said Monteleone. “We do our best, but mistakes are going to happen when 190 pages are created from scratch by 23 high school students and 1 new teacher. We appreciate your support and understanding!”

For more information on how to purchase a yearbook, please see Ms. Monteleone in room B108.