Theater department performs classic The Crucible for fall play


Maria Santoyo, Staff Writer

On October 28 and 29, our theater club performed The Crucible based off the book written by Arthur Miller. The Crucible is a dramatized and partially fictionalized story of the Salem Witch trials. These specific witch trials took place in the Massachusetts Bay Colony during 1692-93.


The Cast List:

Revered Samuel Parris          Matthew Hunt

                   Betty Parris          Skylar Tipton

       Abigail Williams          Lia Bridges

                     Ann Putnam          Kayla Crowson

                          Mary Warren          Gabrielle Strickler

             Mercy Lewis           April Reep

                        John Proctor           Logan McGowan

                        Rebecca Nurse           Ladysarah Rosales

     Reverend John Hale           Noah Willard

                            Tituba           Allison Cota

             Elizabeth Proctor           Isabelle Duran

            Ezekiel Cheever           Cameron Tai

            Judge Danforth           Ty Williams

               Judge Hawthorn           Noah Gonzales

                                      Chorus           Christopher Ayala,

                                                           Haven Faucette,

                                                                Esteban Fernando,

                                                  Brady Kim,

                                                                 Christian LaValley,

                                                               Emily Presswood


This was the first play for the 2022-2023 school year and the whole cast was excited to do a play like this one.

Lia Bridges, who played Abigail Williams, said,   “So, this is actually my first lead in a high school play, and so… the pressure was on, I was a little stressed, I was like ‘lets not let down the people that are surrounding me.” “It was really stressful, but it was also really easy because I know everyone that was with me, and even if I didn’t know them, we got super close and genuinely built a family.”

Logan McGowan, who played John Proctor, said it was a hard character to play, but he is not sure if he was able to master the character.

“It’s a really hard character to play but I loved the challenge. “It’s a nice challenge and it was really fun cause this was my second or third time ever being a lead actor, this one was my first time I ever got as many lines as I did, but it was super fun,” said McGowan.

The next play/musical the theater department is preparing for is the musical Grease. Theater will collaborate with other departments including choir and orchestra to perform the musical in January.

(These picture were taken during their last rehearsal by Diana L. Santoyo  and Maria L. Santoyo.)

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