Spartans perform at the TMEA all-state clinic in San Antonio


Kaylee Brown, Staff Writer

 From February 9th through the 12th, many Porter band and choir students made state in their designated specialties. Every year, many fine arts students try out for state bound. They compete against other high school students throughout the state of Texas to see how well they perform.

This year, three band students, two of which were all-staters from the previous year, and one choir student, competed. These players worked very hard to perfect their skills on their instruments and voice to make it to where they are. 

Students Mathew Bullock, Brandon Kusaj, and Abigail Almanza were the three Porter band students who made it to the state level. On February 9th, they went on a trip to San Antonio, where they not only got to visit the TMEA convention, but also performed with all of the other high school all-staters.

 “This trip was very fun and we got to meet famous people! There were so many things to do and it was very exciting,” Almanza said.

The trip is a once-in-a-lifetime experience where the best of the best get to come together, show off their skills, and start their journey of becoming great musicians. 

The only student from the Spartan Choir, Parker Warren, was the one and only Porter choir student to make the all-state in their division, being placed in the all-state treble choir. She worked very hard to get her spot and even made history at Porter High School for being the very first student to ever make state for choir. Alongside the three band students, Parker also got to visit and perform at the TMEA convention.

All in all, a major congratulations to these students and we can’t wait to see what happens next year.

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