Mariachi Band makes impact on Hispanic culture at PHS


Jackie Hernandez, Editor

There is an official Mariachi band at Porter High School. The Mariachi Band performs at special events, such as those celebrating Hispanic Heritage and Hispanic culture days.

“People show excitement when they hear our music and some get to hear songs that they have grown up with,” said band member Jared Hernandez.

For students, having a Porter High School Mariachi band means that they enjoy music that they don’t really get to listen to at school. For the Mariachi band members, having this band means that they are helping there to be more of a Hispanic representation at the school.

“There is a large Latino population in Porter Highschool and I think the students really enjoy it because they’re hearing music that they know, that is nostalgic to them because they have heard these songs growing up, and you don’t really hear them here at school because there is nothing to show that,” said band member Mirna Ramirez.” It’s something different, unique that Porter hasn’t seen before.”

The Mariachi was first created last year, near the end of the school year. What first started as a two-student duo later became a band as new members joined the group. The band consists of a combination of students from both band and orchestra. The Mariachi band made its debut during the Cinco de Mayo celebration/ talent show, where the band played well-known Hispanic mariachi songs.

“It feels good to perform as a band, although we are starting small, it’s pretty exciting to perform,” said band member Zaria Carter.

Having a school Mariachi band allows Hispanic students to feel more connected to their roots, and it allows other students to learn more about the Hispanic culture that makes up the majority of students at PHS.

“People are able to connect with the Hispanic culture and learn about the culture,” said band member, Jose Soto. “Having the band helps Hispanic students to connect with their roots, they are able to sing along to songs and know what we are playing.”